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Hot Date Apple Cider


Nothing says fall quite like the smell of a spicy apple cider brewing on the stove. This warming beverage is perfect for adults and kids alike — plus, if you make it at home, it can actually be seriously healthy!

4 cups of apple juice 1 tsp of ground cloves A handful of cinnamon sticks Allspice Cardamom Dates Water

What you'll need:

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Pumpkin Smoothie


While you may think that pumpkins work best in pies and tarts, they actually work nicely in drinks, too. With its festive flavors and its many health benefits, it’s a perfect substitute for more sugary drinks.

Light vanilla soy milk Pumpkin purée Ice cubes Banana Cinnamon

What you'll need:

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Jack o’ Lantern Smoothie


Spice up your morning with this festive smoothie. Your kids will love this adorable breakfast dish. With mango and Greek yogurt, this smoothie bowl provides benefits like maintaining cholesterol, regulating diabetes, and aiding digestion.

What you'll need:

Frozen mango chunks Reduced-fat plain Greek yogurt Reduced-fat milk Vanilla extract Strawberry Chia seeds

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